Materials from nature have been used for centuries by Native Americans as well as other indigenous tribes to make baskets and other functional items. Many of these old designs have been researched and incorporated into the baskets on this web site using traditional and commonly found plant fibers.

These baskets are created from natural fibers such as the inner bark from eastern red cedar trees, basswood, elm, and several other plants.  The process of preparing the fibers involves various techniques depending on each plant.  My journey discovering these techniques and the history of natural fiber basket making is described in Natural Fibers Used In Basketry.

Basket workshops, from the standing tree to the finished basket, are held annually.  Each person attending a workshop will be guided through the fiber preparation process as well as the techniques of making their own basket.   Contact me for details about the workshops for the current year.  Click here to view this year's postcard announcement of workshops.

Below are some photos at various stages of tree bark preparation process.

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